DEVOPSF Exam Sample Questions Answers

DevOps empowers associations to diminish time to showcase for new discharges, programming, or administrations by empowering a community come nearer from improvement and activities groups. The selection of DevOps makes a domain where efficiency is expanded through the robotization of procedures around foundation and work processes. EXIN has made the DevOps affirmation program to engage IT experts with the abilities to viably deal with a multidisciplinary group while at the same time improving the speed and unwavering quality of item conveyance.

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DEVOPSF Exam Questions Answers

Question No 1:

Time-to-market is very important. In what way is DevOps supporting a short time-to-market?

A. By funding products and not projects, to allow for innovation and optimization
B. By reassembling a DevOps team for each project to ensure relevant experience
C. By training the team based on missing knowledge for each new iteration

Answer: B

Question No 2:

DevOps implies that not only the boundary between Development and Operations must disappear. Which other boundary must also disappear?

A. The boundary between Development and marketing
B. The boundary between IT management and the rest of the IT department
C. The boundary between the finance department and Development
D. The boundary between the HR department and Operations
E. The boundary between the IT department and the business

Answer: A

Question No 3:

DevOps states that release should be a routine. Which DevOps principle is necessary for daily releases?

A. Automation of the deployment pipeline
B. Continuous improvement of processes
C. Solving incidents immediately
D. Visualization of the Work-in-Progress

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EGMA105 Exam Sample Questions Answers

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Question #:1

Which products must first authorized to obtain the keycodesfieldto then authorize an enterprise geodatabase?

A. ArcGIS Desktop
B. ArcGIS Server
C. Portal for ArcGIS
D. ArcGIS Pro

Answer: B

Question #:2

A GIS analyst needs a method to import data inot a existing feature class within aPythonscript. Which data loading tool should be used to complete this task?

A. Append
B. Objects Loader
C. Simple Data Loader
D. Feature Class To Feature Class

Answer: C

Question #:3

An enterprise geodatabase administrator needs to enable filed workers to check out and edit versioned featured that participate in a topology. The filed edits will be performed on laptop computers using ArcGis Desktop with a Basic license.

Which technology should the administrator recommend to store data on the filed workers; laptops?

A. Workergroup geodatabase
B. PosgresSQL databaase
C. File geodataase
D. SQLite database

Answer: C

Question #:4

What is the difference between data and versioned data with the move edit to base option select when saving made in the DEFAULT version/

A. With versions data, the remain in the data tables.
B. With versioned data move edits to base, the edits remain in the data tables.
C. With versioned data, the ability to undo is NOT possible.
D. With versioned data with move edits to base, the ability to undo is NOT possible.

Answer: B

Question #:5

An administrator enables archiving to a versioned feature class. A user to view stages of aproject that have been recorded in the geodatabase at specific data and times.

What should the administrator recommend to make these stages easier to find?

A. Transactional versions
B. Historical markers
C. Editor Tracking
D. Attachments

Answer: B

Question #:6

Several tables with followed by an underscore and an H are visible in the ArcCatalog table of contents. What is causing these tables to shows?

A. Enabling archiving
B. Disable archiving
C. Enable editor tracking
D. Disabling editor tracking

Answer: C

Question #:7

A GIS administrator connects to a database as the data owner, and uses the ArchCatalog menu to enable the enterprise goedatabase. The tool does NOT succeed. What does the administrator need to do to successfully run the tool?

A. Turn off 64 bit background geodatabase
B. Connect as a user who does NOT own data in the database.
C. Connect as a user who qualifies as a goedatabase administrator
D. Use the geoprocessing tool of the context menu

Answer: A

Question #:8

Where can the special access the replica manager using ArcCatalog?

A. The Database Connections
B. The Distributed Geodatabase context menu
C. The Administer Geodatabase windows
D. The Database properties window

Answer: C

Question #:9

What is require to add a new filed to a feature class in an enterprise geodatabase?

A. Exclusive state lock
B. Shared state lock
C. Exclusive schema lock
D. Shared schema lock

Answer: C

Question #:10

The goedatabase administrator disconnectsto perform geodatabase maintenance operations. However, the map services automatically reconnected and prevent successful maintenance. What step is recommended?

A. Delete all the database connections files for the map services
B. Disconnects the map services connections
C. Prevent the goedatabase from accepting connections
D. Delete all transaction versions

Answer: C

Juniper Networks eye Australia as an AI showcase opportunity

Juniper Networks is viewing the Australian market intently, accepting that rising challenge inside the nearby telco segment will bring about new business open doors for the organization.

Addressing ZDNet during a visit to Sydney a week ago, Juniper Networks CEO Rami Rahim clarified how the National Broadband Network (NBN) has constrained specialist organizations to reconsider their plans of action, which he accepts will eventually have a positive thump on impact for suppliers, for example, Juniper.

“The NBN has basically removed broadband access and income streams from the specialist organization. Specialist organizations are truly, much of the time, compelled to do what specialist organizations around the globe need to do, however to do it with more direness and considerably quicker – search for new income streams,” he said.

“This is the reason the push towards 5G here is so extraordinary. But on the other hand it’s the reason a large number of the telcos here are searching for new differentiators, included worth drivers that they can carry to shoulder with their venture clients, and for what reason there’s been such a warm gathering [to us] up to this point.”

The Australian market, as indicated by Rahim, makes up a “huge segment” of the APAC showcase, which alone makes up around 18% of all out business for the system arrangements supplier.

Juniper Networks SVP and Mist Systems CEO Sujai Hajela concurred, accepting specialist co-ops will utilize man-made reasoning (AI) and mechanization to stretch out beyond contenders.

“The main way [Australia’s] economy can keep on going up is computerize, mechanize, robotize, in light of the fact that dissimilar to some different nations, you don’t have a ton of work, and regardless of whether you had, there may not be the abilities set.

“As it moves towards increasingly more of an administrations economy, with the basics of shortage of human asset, you need to rely upon mechanization.

“There’s a great deal of spotlight on computerization and that is stunning. Furthermore, it’s not on the grounds that they need to do it, this is on the grounds that it is required.”

Helpfully, AI and robotization has as of late turned into a key intrigue territory for Juniper, having gained Mist Systems, producers of remote LAN system fueled by AI, for $405 million in March.

See additionally; AI selection: 40% of organization pioneers have ‘no delay’ (TechRepublic)

Rahim said the choice behind the procurement was not to simply connect a remote LAN hole the portfolio, yet to likewise extend its portfolio to incorporate an AI-driven IT organize as a feature of its current programming characterized undertaking portfolio and multicloud contributions.

“At Juniper, we have for an extremely prolonged stretch of time comprehended the benefit of rearranging organizing. We do as such through computerization. What’s more, at last, I think AI is the basic fixing in understanding that vision,” he said.

“What Mist has done is show with genuine, substantial proof and genuine client achievement, that applying computerized reasoning and mechanization to the grounds remote LAN system is completely conceivable.

“Presently, what we need to would is we like to take that formula that they have made and apply it over our expansive portfolio. We’ll begin inside the venture conditions. In any case, I think there is a chance to go from remote LAN to security, to SD-WAN inside the endeavor, and afterward even to the more extensive, more extensive system. That is a definitive vision.”

Hajela touted that with Mist System’s AI-driven virtual system colleague, Marvis, organizations have accomplished cost investment funds of up to 35%. “That is tremendous sparing, appropriate to the primary concern. When you have that essential system at that point undertakings can begin offering separated encounters,” he said.

In any case, it’s not simply the telco part either that will require computerization and AI, as indicated by Rahim. He said AI-controlled systems are pivotal for each industry that right now invests a greater part of their energy in low-esteem work.

“On the off chance that you converse with the normal CIO, and ask them, ‘What is your significant agony point?’ They’re going to state I invest 90% of my energy keeping the lights on to keep the system running … and keeping in mind that they’re doing that, their spending limits are not going up however the interest to enhance is colossal,” he said.

“In the event that your financial limits aren’t going up, and 90% of your assets are stuck in simply keeping the lights on, what are you going to do? All things considered, the appropriate response, we accept, is to make more space inside your group to concentrate on the game-evolving stuff. Give the machines a chance to run the system and let the machines make sense of how to investigate an issue when it happens – naturally.”

SPLK-1002 Exam Sample Questions Answers

A Splunk Core Certified Power User has an essential comprehension of SPL looking and revealing directions and can make learning objects, use field monikers and determined fields, make labels and occasion types, use macros, make work process activities and information models, and standardize information with the Common Information Model in either the Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud stages. This accreditation shows a person’s primary capability of Splunk’s center programming.

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SPLK-1002 Exam Questions Answers:

Question No 1:

The Splunk search language supports the + wildcard.

A. True
B. False

Answer: B

Question No 2:

Which of the following search control will not re-rerun the search? (Select all that apply.)

A. zoom out
B. selecting a bar on the timeline
C. deselect
D. selecting a range of bars on the timelines

Answer: B C D

Question No 3:

Which of the following is NOT a stats function:

A. sum
B. addtotals
C. count
D. avg

Answer: B

2V0-21.19D Exam Sample Question Answers

The Professional vSphere 6.7 Delta Exam 2019 approves that an individual can actualize, oversee, and investigate a vSphere V6.7 framework, utilizing best practices to give an incredible, adaptable, and secure establishment for business deftness that can quicken the change to distributed computing.

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2V0-21.19D Sample Questions Answers:

Question No 1:

An administrator is installing a Platform Services Controller Instance.
Which two options are available during the installation process? (Choose two.)
A. choose deployment size
B. specify vSphere administrator credentials
C. enable Enhanced Linked Mode
D. create a vCenter Single sign-on domain
E. join an existing domain

Answer: D,E

Question No 2:

What should be installed on a VM to assist with VM-to-host time synchronization?

A. VMware Tools
B. vRA guest agent
C. vROps agent
D. Guest Operations Manager

Answer: A

Question No 3:

An administrator has an environment with these conditions and requirements: The host provides 6GHz of CPU and 32GB of memory
The host is shared between the Marketing and QA departments The QA department needs a higher compute resource priority
How can the administrator meet the conditions and requirements?

A. Adjust NIOC or SIOC as appropriate to give the QA department a higher compute priority within the
B. Create a resource pool for each department and use the Shares attribute to prioritize the allocation of
C. Assign affinity or anti-affinity rules to the appropriate VMs for each department.
D. Set the VM priority to high for QA department VMs and normal for Marketing department VMs.

Answer: B

How Tech Trends in “More abnormal Things” Hold Up Today (and Tomorrow)

It’s been almost a long time since aficionados of the Netflix arrangement “More odd Things” last observed the extra-dimensionally vexed Will Byers, clairvoyant wunderkind Eleven and the remainder of the occupants of Hawkins, Indiana. As much as the show’s ubiquity originates from its mashup of a X-Files-style paranormal examination procedural and a tween/teenager transitioning dramady, it additionally emerges as a mid 1980s period piece. Fans have had a great time examining everything from the cars to the upholstery to perceive how the Duffer Brothers’ vision of Reagan-time living matches reality. One the most excitedly examined highlights of the show is, normally, the period suitable innovation characters have close by.

As you’re planning to gorge on season 3, which debuts July 4, here’s a summary of certain advancements showed in the show up until this point, what they’ve developed into and what they may resemble later on. Innovation that was bleeding edge in the late-simple (or early-computerized) age may appear to be antiquated, however investigating can enable us to perceive that there’s still bounty to acknowledge past wistfulness in “More interesting Things.”


In the Show: The handheld two-way radios that the children use to remain in near contact on the chase for Will during his underlying vanishing are one of “More odd Things'” most examined bits of innovation. Reddit is brimming with strings about whether a crude pack of D&D players in 1983 would approach such gadgets, or if it’s a time misplacement that permitted the Duffer Brothers hack cell phone style availability into scenes set in another time. The accord is by all accounts that outside of the high value point, days of old’s AV geeks could have stayed in contact the manner in which they do in the show—as long as they remained inside range.

Today: Throughout the mid 2000s, it wasn’t phenomenal to see (or hear) Nextel telephones with walkie talkie-esque, push-to-talk usefulness. Walkie-talkies likewise still give a simple path to different clients to carry on a remote discussion without the need to set up a telephone call, so despite everything they’re utilized by police and development specialists. Individuals who simply like the usefulness can even discover applications to give their cell phones walkie-talkie highlights.

Tomorrow: Stranger Things is giving walkie-talkies a sign lift as devotees of the show get keen on getting, gathering and repairing the gadgets. Past the authority/specialist specialty, there’s no determining what use cases for two-way radio correspondence may emerge in business and at home, if and when 5G and different advancements again reshape how we impart and figure.

Great Cameras

In the Show: When we’re acquainted with calm outcast Jonathan Byers he’s once in a while observed without his camera. His quest for data on the whereabouts of his lost sibling wanders into crawling on the well known children’s gathering, for which he’s later busted by Nancy’s sweetheart Steve. Steve crushes Jonathan’s camera and destroys the genuine photographs, however Nancy recoups and remakes them, discovering hints about the poolside vanishing of Barb. Here, the exemplary innovation makes the story conceivable—had Steve crushed a culpable iPhone, there would be no extra pictures to sort out.

Today: Camera innovation has changed so in a general sense since the 1980s (and even in the previous 15 years), it’s staggering. Individuals under a particular age may never have encountered trusting that a Polaroid will take shape into center—significantly less dropping off a move of film and grabbing the photos later (or creating in a dim room). Be that as it may, this might change. Past Instagrammers utilizing applications to get the look and feel of genuine film in the advanced circle, preservationists like The Impossible Project have moved into making new cycles of the great Polaroid equipment. Another age of photograph fans gives off an impression of being finding and figuring out how to value the advantages of a slower and progressively close to home procedure just as a physical item.

Tomorrow: While one camera pattern looks in reverse, there are forward-looking camera developments that could truly change how we see the world. Analysts have shown AI-empowered computerized cameras reproducing reflected light to treat strong dividers like mirrors. Another cutting edge camera framework can see obviously through mist. Will the still photography of things to come truly give us a chance to snap photographs around corners, notwithstanding when perceivability is low? Such inquiries lead us to our next thing.

Reconnaissance Technology

In the Show: In season 2, James and Nancy aren’t substance to give Barb’s vanishing a chance to drop. They sucker the staff of Hawkins National Laboratory into capturing them, at that point utilize a Sony Walkman to subtly tape researcher Dr. Owens dropping an easygoing admission.

Today: Surveillance just keeps on developing as a subject of open discussion and worry, in our current reality where quite a bit of what we state and do is focused on content and, progressively, recorded on record or sound. The interesting spying done by a few children is nothing contrasted with what we’re taking a gander at in 2019.

Tomorrow: later on, will we be observed by the cooler in the supermarket for promoting purposes? Will we eagerly open our homes to voice information accumulation as menial helpers? What standards and laws will administer how information is put away and what’s finished with it? It’s not clear, however what’s sure is that the harmony between individual flexibility and open wellbeing, between information security and comfort, will be exceedingly relevant issues to private end clients, organizations, the merchants they work with and the cybersecurity experts they utilize.

Christmas Lights

In the Show: except for a curiosity development all over, Christmas lights haven’t changed much. How Will Byers’ mother utilizes them to measure the development of beasts in a substitute measurement supporting her own, be that as it may, is at least somewhat contemporary.

Today: It’s our cell phones, not our Christmas lights, that let us tap into another layer of the real world—and as the mid year of 2016 uncovered to many, that layer is loaded up with Pokemon. While there’s no (known) danger of being sucked into the counterfeit universe of increased reality (AR) like the abducted Will Byers, this innovation gives us a chance to understanding—great, make and after that experience—manufactured universes that guide onto this present reality space around us.

Tomorrow: There hasn’t been a mass AR minute since Pokemon, however numerous in the tech world foresee an executioner application/wearable equipment combo that will make AR overlays a piece of regular daily existence. Will it coincidentally call up one of those house-sized shadow beasts approaching over Hawkins High toward the finish of season 2? Presumably not. Yet, past further developed and vivid sorts of gaming, there is a universe of big business AR applications that could be going to your office soon.

Web of Things Leads Second Annual Top 10 List from CompTIA Emerging Technology Community

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the developing innovation that offers the most quick chances to produce new business and incomes, as per the Emerging Technology Community at CompTIA, the main exchange relationship for the worldwide tech industry.

The people group has discharged its second yearly Top 10 Emerging Technologies list, positioned by the close term business and budgetary open doors the arrangements offer to IT channel firms and different organizations working in the matter of innovation.

The Internet of Things likewise bested the network’s 2018 Top 10 list.

“Everyone in the innovation world, just as numerous shoppers, is hearing the term Internet of Things,” said Frank Raimondi, an individual from the CompTIA Emerging Technology Community administration bunch who works in key channel and business advancement for Chargifi.

“To state it’s confounding and overpowering is putting it mildly,” Raimondi proceeded. “IoT may mean numerous things to numerous individuals, yet it can plainly mean gradual or new business to a channel accomplice on the off chance that they begin including significant IoT arrangements with their current and new clients. All the more significantly, they don’t need to begin once again starting with no outside help.”

Computerized reasoning (AI) positions second on the 2019 rundown.

“The biggest effects over all enterprises – from retail to social insurance, accommodation to fund – are felt when AI improves information security, basic leadership speed and exactness, and worker yield and preparing,” said Maddy Martin, head of development and instruction for and network bad habit seat.

“With progressively proficient staff, better-qualified potential customers, increasingly effective issue goals, and frameworks that feed genuine information back in for future procedure and item enhancements, organizations utilizing AI innovations can utilize assets with far more prominent effectiveness,” Martin included. “The best part is that as speculation and rivalry increment in the AI domain, costs are decreased.”

Third on the current year’s rundown of top developing innovations is 5G remote.

“The improvement and arrangement of 5G will empower business sway at a dimension couple of advancements ever have, giving remote at the speed and idleness required for complex arrangements like driverless vehicles,” said Michael Haines, chief of accomplice motivator methodology and program structure for Microsoft and network seat.

“Moreover, once completely sent geologically, 5G will assistance developing markets understand the equivalent ‘speed of business’ as their experienced partners,” Haines remarked. “Arrangement suppliers that create 5G-based answers for explicit industry applications will have gainful, early-mover points of interest.”

Additionally on the best 10 rundown is blockchain, coming in at number five this year.

“Blockchain descended squashing from its pinnacle of publicity cycle, and that is likely generally advantageous,” said Julia Moiseeva, originator of CLaaS (C-Level as a Service) Management Solutions Ltd. what’s more, individual from the network’s authority gathering. “Since the gloss of curiosity and chaos of the majority are gone, the dynamic of work around blockchain took a total U-turn, once more, generally advantageous.”

“Presently we watch players in this space building blockchain-based arrangements in light of the genuine business issues,” Moiseeva clarified. “The pattern of blockchain as an administration (BaaS) is the one to watch. BaaS will be the empowering influence of critical income and cost-sparing open doors for cross-industry members, particularly the individuals who don’t have the ability or R&D to build up their very own blockchain. We are advancing toward attachment and-play item suites.”

Two new innovations, serverless figuring and mechanical autonomy, made the 2019 rundown, supplanting robotization and quantum registering.

220-1002 Exam Sample Questions Answers

The Official CompTIA A+ Core 1 Study Guide (220-1001) has been developed by CompTIA for the CompTIA certification candidate. Rigorously evaluated by third-party subject matter experts to validate adequate coverage of the Core 1 exam objectives, the Official CompTIA A+ Core 1 Study Guide teaches the essential skills and information required for the CompTIA certification exam (220-1001).

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Question No 1:

Whenever a user’s machine is turned on, a black screen appears prompting the user for an administrative password. The technician has no such password on file for this machine. Which of the following steps should the technician take to resolve this issue?

A. Press and hold the CPU power button for five seconds, and then power back on.
B. Disconnect and reconnect the internal hard drive.
C. Remove the CMOS battery and reinsert it after ten seconds.
D. Remove the motherboard and place it back into the machine after ten minutes.

Answer: C

Question No 2:

A server needs a RAM upgrade, and a technician has been tasked with retrieving the RAM from storage and then installing it. Whish of the following is the BEST RAM type for the technician to retrieve?

C. Single channel

Answer: B

2V0-21.19 Exam Sample Questions Answers

The Professional vSphere 6.7 Exam 2019 approves that an individual can execute, oversee, and investigate a vSphere V6.7 framework, utilizing best practices to give an incredible, adaptable, and secure establishment for business spryness that can quicken the change to distributed computing.

Exam Details:

• Exam Code: 2V0-21.19
• Exam Fee: $250
• Passing Score: 300 (Multiple Questions)
• Duration: 115 Minutes

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Question No 1:

An administrator runs a vSphere cluster containing database VMs with extremely heavy disk I/O. Database VMs are placed on a costly all-flash array. The workloads are not memory intensive. How can the administrator ensure the most cost-effective utilization of the all-flash storage array?

A. Enable Storage I/O Control on the flash datastores.
B. Install VMware Tools on the database VMs to ensure the hypervisor can receive I/O metrics.
C. Use a VM-to-Host affinity rule to ensure database VMs are prioritized.
D. Edit the cluster settings to place the virtual machine swap file on a different storage tier.

Answer: D

Question No 2:

A vSphere Administrator wants to move a vCenter Server with an external Platform Services Controller from one SSO domain to another SSO domain. Which option in cmsso-util will achieve this?

A. domain-repoint
B. reconfigure
C. unregister
D. repoint

Answer: A

Question No 3:

An administrator wants to ensure the VMs for two different departments are separated on a single broadcast domain. Which configuration fulfills this requirement?

A. PVLAN on Uplink Port
B. PVLAN on VMkernel Interface

Answer: D

PCNSA Exam Sample Questions Answers

Question No 1:

Employees are shown an application block page when they try to access YouTube. Which security policy is blocking the YouTube application?

A. intrazone-default
B. Deny Google
C. allowed-security services
D. interzone-default

Answer: D

Question No 2:

Which User-ID agent would be appropriate in a network with multiple WAN links, limited network bandwidth, and limited firewall management plane resources?

A. Windows-based agent deployed on the internal network
B. PAN-OS integrated agent deployed on the internal network
C. Citrix terminal server deployed on the internal network
D. Windows-based agent deployed on each of the WAN Links

Answer: A

Question No 3:

How many zones can an interface be assigned with a Palo Alto Networks firewall?

A. two
B. three
C. four
D. one

Answer: D

Question No 4:

When creating a Source NAT policy, which entry in the Translated Packet tab will display the options Dynamic IP and Port, Dynamic, Static IP, and None?

A. Translation Type
B. Interface
C. Address Type
D. IP Address

Answer: A

Question No 5:

Users from the internal zone need to be allowed to Telnet into a server in the DMZ zone. Complete the security policy to ensure only Telnet is allowed. Security Policy: Source Zone: Internal to DMZ Zone services “Application defaults”, and action = Allow

A. Destination IP:
B. Application = ‘Telnet’
C. Log Forwarding
D. USER-ID = ‘Allow users in Trusted’

Answer: B

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