DEVOPSF Exam Sample Questions Answers

DevOps empowers associations to diminish time to showcase for new discharges, programming, or administrations by empowering a community come nearer from improvement and activities groups. The selection of DevOps makes a domain where efficiency is expanded through the robotization of procedures around foundation and work processes. EXIN has made the DevOps affirmation program to engage IT experts with the abilities to viably deal with a multidisciplinary group while at the same time improving the speed and unwavering quality of item conveyance.

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DEVOPSF Exam Questions Answers

Question No 1:

Time-to-market is very important. In what way is DevOps supporting a short time-to-market?

A. By funding products and not projects, to allow for innovation and optimization
B. By reassembling a DevOps team for each project to ensure relevant experience
C. By training the team based on missing knowledge for each new iteration

Answer: B

Question No 2:

DevOps implies that not only the boundary between Development and Operations must disappear. Which other boundary must also disappear?

A. The boundary between Development and marketing
B. The boundary between IT management and the rest of the IT department
C. The boundary between the finance department and Development
D. The boundary between the HR department and Operations
E. The boundary between the IT department and the business

Answer: A

Question No 3:

DevOps states that release should be a routine. Which DevOps principle is necessary for daily releases?

A. Automation of the deployment pipeline
B. Continuous improvement of processes
C. Solving incidents immediately
D. Visualization of the Work-in-Progress

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