EGMA105 Exam Sample Questions Answers

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Question #:1

Which products must first authorized to obtain the keycodesfieldto then authorize an enterprise geodatabase?

A. ArcGIS Desktop
B. ArcGIS Server
C. Portal for ArcGIS
D. ArcGIS Pro

Answer: B

Question #:2

A GIS analyst needs a method to import data inot a existing feature class within aPythonscript. Which data loading tool should be used to complete this task?

A. Append
B. Objects Loader
C. Simple Data Loader
D. Feature Class To Feature Class

Answer: C

Question #:3

An enterprise geodatabase administrator needs to enable filed workers to check out and edit versioned featured that participate in a topology. The filed edits will be performed on laptop computers using ArcGis Desktop with a Basic license.

Which technology should the administrator recommend to store data on the filed workers; laptops?

A. Workergroup geodatabase
B. PosgresSQL databaase
C. File geodataase
D. SQLite database

Answer: C

Question #:4

What is the difference between data and versioned data with the move edit to base option select when saving made in the DEFAULT version/

A. With versions data, the remain in the data tables.
B. With versioned data move edits to base, the edits remain in the data tables.
C. With versioned data, the ability to undo is NOT possible.
D. With versioned data with move edits to base, the ability to undo is NOT possible.

Answer: B

Question #:5

An administrator enables archiving to a versioned feature class. A user to view stages of aproject that have been recorded in the geodatabase at specific data and times.

What should the administrator recommend to make these stages easier to find?

A. Transactional versions
B. Historical markers
C. Editor Tracking
D. Attachments

Answer: B

Question #:6

Several tables with followed by an underscore and an H are visible in the ArcCatalog table of contents. What is causing these tables to shows?

A. Enabling archiving
B. Disable archiving
C. Enable editor tracking
D. Disabling editor tracking

Answer: C

Question #:7

A GIS administrator connects to a database as the data owner, and uses the ArchCatalog menu to enable the enterprise goedatabase. The tool does NOT succeed. What does the administrator need to do to successfully run the tool?

A. Turn off 64 bit background geodatabase
B. Connect as a user who does NOT own data in the database.
C. Connect as a user who qualifies as a goedatabase administrator
D. Use the geoprocessing tool of the context menu

Answer: A

Question #:8

Where can the special access the replica manager using ArcCatalog?

A. The Database Connections
B. The Distributed Geodatabase context menu
C. The Administer Geodatabase windows
D. The Database properties window

Answer: C

Question #:9

What is require to add a new filed to a feature class in an enterprise geodatabase?

A. Exclusive state lock
B. Shared state lock
C. Exclusive schema lock
D. Shared schema lock

Answer: C

Question #:10

The goedatabase administrator disconnectsto perform geodatabase maintenance operations. However, the map services automatically reconnected and prevent successful maintenance. What step is recommended?

A. Delete all the database connections files for the map services
B. Disconnects the map services connections
C. Prevent the goedatabase from accepting connections
D. Delete all transaction versions

Answer: C

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